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We take your health seriously and offer the latest in safety measures specific to helping curb the spread of dust and virus during your service.

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This portable low noise dust collection system removes nail dust and odors from the breathing zone of client and technician.

These 2 salon quality air purifiers effectively remove vapors, odors, and dust from the room air using HEPA and Activated Carbon filters.

In addition, the wall mount air purifier captures and deactivates airborne viruses and bacteria using UV light and Flexzorb™ anti-viral material integrated into the filter.

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Deactivates airborne viruses and bacteria using a hepa and activated carbon filer with uv light and flexzorb antiviral material integrated into the filter


of a SPA...
direct to YOU!

Luxe Aller specializes in providing all the luxury services you expect from an upscale spa in the convenience of your own home or favorite outdoor setting.
We service bachelorette parties, bridal showers, birthdays, anniversaries, promotions or just a simple get together.


Our staff consists of licensed professionals who are highly qualified and experienced in the beauty industry. We are experts on a wide range of treatments from massage therapy and skincare to nail services and hair care.

We can even SPA outdoors
  for extra safety and comfort!

The Highest Quality 

We pride ourselves on providing high quality services to our clients based on what they want and need. We do not take shortcuts and keep the highest sanitation standards possible. All of our metal implements are sterilized with an autoclave and any others are used once then disposed.

All of our products, including Clean Republic, are top of the line, organic, sulfate free and paraben free.  We also custom blend many of our scrubs and treatments. 

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